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Apple, Raspberry, Caramel

Single Origin - Columbia Tacueyo

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Fruity little Columbian number?

We love this fruity little number because of its balanced sweetness and clean aftertaste. It's got a SCA score of 84.75 - think apple, raspberry, caramel, blackberry. A syrupy balanced cup.

Indulge in a coffee that reaches new heights. Grown at altitudes ranging from 1800 to 2200 meters, our coffee is harvested twice a year, offering a flavor symphony of blackberry, caramelised notes, zesty lime, delightful sweetness, raspberry, and more. It's the perfect brew to elevate your coffee experience.

  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1800 - 2200m
  • Harvest: May - August, November - December
  • Flavor Notes: Blackberry, Caramel, Raspberry, Sweet, lime,
  • Coffee Species: Coffea Arabica
  • SCA Score: 84.75

Washed coffees are collected and undergo flotation, pulping and fermentation for around 14-18 hours on average. The beans are then washed in fresh water, and dried under parabolic driers or patios for between 8 to 15 days.

Tacueyó Reserve is located in the Toribio municipality in the North-Eastern part of Cauca. The association that produces the Tacueyó Reserve coffee, ASPROCRIT, is the largest Association in Cencoic. It joined the Cooperative in 2012 with 194 families and has seen significant growth since then, with 521 families now in the Association producing this wonderful coffee. On average, each farm is 0.8 hectares.

Over the past four years, the association has invested wisely, constructing a dedicated coffee warehouse and installing an advanced mechanical dryer. These improvements ensure consistent coffee drying, regardless of the delivery method. These investments not only enhance quality control but also lay a strong foundation for future growth.
Driving recent successes are two key individuals: Lusber, managing the warehouse, and Reinaldo, the financial expert. Together, they've played a vital role in advancing the association.

But the association's impact goes beyond coffee. They empower individual producers through targeted development plans, boosting productivity and quality. They're also committed to environmental responsibility, with programs for pollution mitigation and efficient solid waste management.

Education is a priority, with support for producers' children's education and housing improvements to enhance quality of life. While Spanish predominates, efforts are underway to revive the local language, Nasa Yuwe, with the creation of bilingual schools.

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